Media blamed the latest collapse in Bitcoin (BTC) on events such as China announced a crackdown on miners and traders in an effort to reduce “financial risks” and Elon Musk who recently tweeted that Tesla would stop taking Bitcoin as a payment method.

So is this the END of the Bitcoin bull market?

My answer is NO! This is because the latest price correction fits nicely with a recurring pattern that PRECEDES the parabolic phase of every Bitcoin bull market in history.

Let’s take a look at the chart of Bitcoin from 2014–2017 and it can be observed that the…

After hitting a top at US$2,089 on 7th August last year, gold has declined for the next 6 months until it gained traction recently.

Here are 3 forces that are driving gold and gold miners higher:

Force 1: Loss Of Confidence In Governments

The combined forces of the Sovereign Debt Crisis (inability of governments to raise money) and Global Monetary Crisis (which is their movement to cancel currency) will result in outright COLLAPSE in the confidence of governments and government debt. Global debt surges to an all-time record of US$281 trillion in 2020. That is over 355% of the world’s…

Let me start with some proven, historical facts and then I will get to my forecast at the end.

Fact 1: Bitcoin follows a regular 4-year cycle because of the “Halving” process that cuts new Bitcoin supplies by 50% every 4 years. As a result, Bitcoin cycle tends to be much more predictable than cycles in traditional financial asset classes.

Fact 2: Bitcoin’s price has surged during the Halvings. This makes sense because if we were to cut supply into half — particularly when there is a huge demand surge — a shortage develops and the price must rise steeply…

Today 8th September 2020 is Timing & You’s 5th year anniversary, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A BIG THANK YOU to all our SDC Ambassadors, business partners and associates in the ASEAN countries and China, we would not have achieved so much without everyone’s contribution, belief and support. 5 fruitful and exciting years have passed and I am PROUD to say that I have never once forgotten why I started T&Y in the 1st place.

On 8th September 2015, T&Y was born because I foresee that Sovereign Debt Crisis 2.0 will be imploding in Europe, Japan & U.S. through the eyes of…

There is a MYTH that says since gold is priced in US$, that is why it always moves in opposite direction against US$. Well, the above chart proves this inverse relationship wrong! The candlesticks represent gold price while the green line is the US$ Index. We can see that both of them are RISING together recently.

Price chart of WTI oil on 18th June 2019

Above is the price chart of WTI oil captured on 18th June 2019. It shows that oil price has declined from the last week of April to hit a low of US$50.6 on 5th June, consolidating in a sideways motion to decide its next move, either up or down. Traders will be interested to know what will be its next POSSIBLE direction so that they can either place a bet to long it if it break above its red horizontal resistance line or short it if it were to break below its recent blue horizontal support line.

100 Year Historical Chart of Gold-to-Silver Ratio

Above is the chart of gold-to-silver ratio. It is obtain by dividing the gold price by the silver price. It basically shows how many ounces silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold. The ratio changes as the prices change. It will go UP if the gold price rises or the silver price falls. It will go DOWN if the gold price goes down or the silver price goes up. Historically, the ratio is about 45 ounces of silver to one gold ounce. The average since January 1990 is about 65.

As of 16/7/2019, the ratio sat at 99.19…

The Fed is facing pressure to cut rates amid signs of slowing economic growth. The benefits of the 2017 tax cuts have waned and President Donald Trump’s tariff threats with China and Mexico have roiled financial markets. Last week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell set off a rally on Wall Street after he signaled that the Fed is willing to cut interest rates to help stabilize the economy if the trade war between Beijing and Washington starts to dampen growth. But Is cutting rate REALLY positive for the U.S. stock market and its economy?

How Fed Tightening Cycles end for the last 104 years

The above chart shows how Fed benchmark…

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